Mango Street Papa 芒果街老爸

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发表时间 2020-01-19


词:Peter Hung
编曲:Mango Street Papa

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No one passing by
it's just me singing lullabys
Ceiling's the sky
It's my proof of alibi

I can be amazing
Dance moves really gonna catch your eye
See me causing trouble
No more shy and hiding in disguise
See I can be a hero
Your choices they will not occupy
It's my inner nature
No more reason not to justify

This world made me really crazy
Their words starting to phase me

Self satisfy
I am more than meets the eye
Caged butterfly
Wanting freedom can't deny

You can make me feel
Like I'm tied up to steel chains
Know you can make me feel
Like my mind is so insane

Love it when I'm free to fly ai ai
Love it when I'm free to fly ai ai

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卤蛋酱_・10 个月前