Not So Bad

专辑 Confessions
分类 Pop
发布 2016 年 12 月 24 日






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My love is blind
I can’t see is it black or white
Are we a lie?
There is a line
We’ll either cross it or stay behind

I don’t want complication
In this situation
I’ve been standing still day after day
But if you ask me I will always say

That I~ I am okay
Not so bad
I can stop the tears falling from my eyes
I won’t die
It’s not the end of my life
It doesn’t matter if I keep it inside
I am not so bad

I can’t deny
I’m used to having nothing
You brought me to life
I’ll be fine
I might be able to get you out of my mind

I don’t need consolation
In this situation
When those memories are far away
How can I erase the feelings that still remain?

No way
I am not gonna break down this time
Oh darling
Cause you know I will always be alright
I was freaking out when I went through the fire
But the sooner we see through it
The sooner we fly