Eastern Ghouta

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Eastern Ghouta

Gwenji 钧之

发表时间 2018-10-22


在叙利亚的东古塔,有许多人每天在战火中受伤和挨饿... 于是我写了这首歌...

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In the grey sky the rockets fly
and bomb, destroy the hearts and mind
Scattered limbs, shattered hope
Sing sloud your one last folk

Underground, Undertow
Get caught in the mist of foe
Rusty faith, dusty world
Bring my soul to an honest world

It's hard to find peace in our sins
So open your eyes and see what we've done
Our bone and flesh are dancing in the
pool of blood sweat and tears that we bring

Sirens or roosters crow
It's hard to tell truth be told
Three thousand days and nights
Prayers are blown into fire

I'll be the sun
I'll be the fire
Can you be the moon
Can you be the water
Everyone who's listening to this
Dont blind your eyes and be a human

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