nowhere 此时刻

音乐人 台中市

时时刻刻 每个当下的 存 在”
音乐以清亮女声及木吉他为主线,富旋律性的电吉他SOLO、BASS 和鼓交织的明快节奏组成。
NoWhere means "in the middle of nowhere"
and meanwhile implies "now we are here
at every moment we exist".
Nowhere band comes from Taichung, Taiwan, and is composed of vocalist, acoustic guitarist, electronic guitarist, bassist, and drumist. Our music features in our clear and sweet female voice, the beautiful melody of electronic guitar, and the grooving rhythm of bass and drums.
The inspiration for our songs comes from the process of self-exploration and from our reflections on social events.Nowhere Band cares deeply about social issues and tries to live in the moment and to be a gentle rebel in the society with an iron hand
in a velvet glove.
2013.11 台北阪急花房、台北三峡甘乐文创
2014.03 台中TADA售票演出(W/麋先生、东城卫)
2014.04 台中INO cafe. 新竹江山艺改所
2014.05 台中李吉他直营店“星光音乐会”
2014.08 台中绿园道 涂鸦马路活动 (W/四支笔)
2014.09 松烟诚品周年庆闭幕音乐会 (W/大

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发表歌曲・4 年前
发表歌曲・4 年前
发表歌曲・4 年前
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发表歌曲・5 年前