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Tomii Chan

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发布时间 2019-03-12


Music composed and produced by Tomii Chan
All instruments by Tomii Chan

Mixed by Tomii Chan

当初做来是想要给一位好朋友的。现在放它出来,好像比起埋藏在hard disk中要好。

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When she has told me
How bad he was
I couldn’t reply
Not a word in my mind

When she has kissed me
The touch of her lips
It makes me shiver
A blank in my mind

Please understand
I’ll do you no harm
For I’m too scared
To say goodbye
How softly you’re killing me
With every single word you’ve said

Now you have left me
Without a word
My world has crumbled
Not a blank in my mind

It’s all about you
The words I’ve said
Not too many of them
But how they were true

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