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Indie King

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发表时间 2019-12-06


You have to sell them in a certain river,that's all
In a evening,your father tell you a story ooo what a story of living
You have to sell them in .....lalalalala...

La La La do what do what
Sunday morning Wednesday Thursday
La La La .....Sunday morning I'll play record
La La La ,there's a sound.
Sunday morning I'll play that chord
La La La ,there's a sound
Reach out! Reach out! Oh——
Action! Action!
You know it's a no-meaning song.

Got direction,what's a feeling inside, just by the pain just by your pain,yes I'm rock'n roll oooooo
They said they said
You should go out and step out
What's feeling inside?
Just by the pain,just by your pain
Yes I'm really inside and really outside....
Lala lala there's Sound
Sunday morning I'll play that chord oh

Here's sound ,
Watch out!
I'll play it loud and loud

Watch out!
That's rhythm and beats connection.
Watch out!
And that's a tune will be come out,yes I want you.

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