R&B / Soul ・ 马戏团 CIRCUS FEVER

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发表时间 2019-11-20


作曲 Composing / 黄宣 Hsuan Huang
作词 Lyrics / Darren Lightburn Jr.
制作人 Producer/ 余佳伦 Chia-Lun Yue, 黄宣 Hsuan Huang
编曲 Music Arrangement/ YELLOW
演唱及合声 Vocal/ 黄宣 Hsuan Huang
鼓 Drums/ 陈彦丞 Devlin Chen
吉他 Guitar/ 林庭钰 Tim Lin
贝斯 Bass/ 曹家玮 Marcus Tsao
键盘 Keyboard, Piano/ 吴至杰 CJ Wu
录音工程师 Recording Engineer/ 蔡周翰 Chou Han Tsay
配唱录音室 Recording Studio/ MUSDM
混音工程师 Mixing Engineer/ 蔡周翰 Chou Han Tsay
混音录音室 Mixing Studio/ Lights Up Studio
母带后期处理 Mastering Engineer/ Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering, Boston, MA
母带后期制作助理 Assistant Mastering Engineer/ Maria Rice
封面设计 Art Design/ 连思博 EGG

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It's not over my head
There’s something that I'm feeling bout this fever I just need ya
This is love in the air
That’s grown from what I wished for long ago Born from mighty tongue

I’ve been loose
I got moves
I’ve done levels by myself
But you knew
I’ve been due
to have your laughter here with me
Got this love within my heart
You get lost within my art
While we're both here
Let’s just vibe to this

Let this love get groovy
I love what you do to me
Let this love get groovy
I love what you've been doing

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