Go Go Machine Orchestra - Union Works

Electronic ・ TIME

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Go Go Machine Orchestra - Union Works

Go Go Machine Orchestra

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发表时间 2019-07-11


”Union Works” from the album « TIME »

Track: 6 of 6

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Composed by Go Go Machine Orchestra
Piano: 汤妮莉 Ni-Li TANG
Electronic: 王品心 Pin-Hsin WANG
Guitar. 陈力维 Lee-Wei CHEN
Modular synthesizer: 钟柏勋 MAD
Percussion: 李茂嵩 Mao-Sung LEE

Audio recording: akihisa tsunoda
Audio mixing: 陈莹哲 white pony music studio
Mastering: Bernie Grundman

Devoid of flashy exteriors, these works precisely display their innate special characteristics and concepts. They are clear and distinct; each one in itself a dazzling gem. –Less is more

About the album:
This album pushes the limits of sound and technology to transcend any existing categories of music. The amalgamation of piano, percussion, electric guitar and electronic synthesizers creates distinct, multi-layered tones. Elements of minimalism, with its repetitive patterns and incessant experimentation deconstruct and reconstruct, disassembling frequencies in quest of creating that type of pure, unadulterated music.

没有华而不实的外饰,这些作品发挥的正是他们本身的特色和理念。他们都清楚,他们本身就是一块耀眼的宝石。-Less is more

德国建筑师Ludwig Mies van der Rohe


Go Go Machine Orchestra已在这里,邀请你们进入他们所创造的维度。

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