Pet You

分类 Singer / Songwriter
发布 2018 年 3 月 24 日






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I know it’s hard to keep
Living a life on the street
But I'm here for you
You can crawl on me
No I won’t say a word
You can lay on my shirt
If you want me to pet you
I’ll do it until I can’t do

I can stay for a while
Only us right now
We can use an hour
Keep us from hustling around
Everybody needs love
And I've tried too hard
That’s why I leave them behind
You come to the place just in time

Just wanna sing for you
See your eyes close
We totally match in colour
We are mates in soul
When the time is gold and precious
When our hearts beating slow
We completely aren’t familiar
With the look in people’s eyes
The thoughts on people’s minds

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