Cats on Slide - 幻灯片上的猫

Hip hop / Rap

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Cats on Slide - 幻灯片上的猫

Cats on Slide

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发表时间 2019-06-15



制作 Producer : Cats on Slide
词 Lyrics : PurpoCale
曲 Composing : PurpoCale
编曲 Music Arrangement : Cats on Slide
和声 Harmony : Cats on Slide、Nini Yang
吉他 Guitar : SUGAR CUBE、Angus
贝斯 Bass : SUGAR CUBE
键盘 Keyboard : Softmiller、Peter Wang
声音工程 Recording & Mixing Engineer : SUGAR CUBE、Rivet Lin

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盛夏微风 拂过镜头 转向我们
扪心自问 剩多少时辰 能在淡水鬼混
四点多闹钟没有叫醒 shit错过了班机
Oh fed up with this boring game
everyday is the same
烟雾弥漫的房间 思绪留下陪我充电
I just wanna dancing with my soul
making music with my bros
盛夏微风 拂过镜头 转向我们
扪心自问 剩多少时辰 在淡水鬼混
周末hang out,chill 弹著piano
做了再多的梦 也都带不走

Oh find a way out, man
Just find a way out please find a way out
I tried to write down the melody which I got in dreams but it’s hard to achieve ya
Could you show me how in reality so
Cats on slide
Teach me how to fly
Catch me if you're tight
Cats on slide oh
Teach me how to fly
Catch me if you're tight

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