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Cemelesai是他的排湾族名,朋友都叫他阿新。来自台东新园部落,14岁自学音乐,18岁北上的第一份工作就是音乐制作助理,2016年成立CEMELESAI STUDIO声音制作公司,平常以配乐、编曲、录音、声音后制、音乐制作维生,空闲时间喜欢去户外收录环境音,所以我们都说他是“在声音里面搅和的人”。喜欢尝试多元创作,也从不局限在特定风格,因此他的作品往往带来惊喜,带有他一贯的“新式风格”。

“Cemelesai” is his Paiwan name - his friends call him A-Shin. Originally from the Paiwan indigenous village of Xinyuan in Taitung, Taiwan, he started learning music when he was 14. A self-taught musician, Cemelesai moved to Taipei at the age of 18, where he first worked as a music production assistant. He is now an audio engineer at his own Cemelesai Studio sound production company, which he established in 2016. As someone who lives and breathes music and sound, he makes his living working with soundtracks, music arrangement, sound recording, sound post-production, and music production and even goes outside to record ambient sounds in his free time. He doesn’t limit himself to any particular music genre, so his music …

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