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Little Shy on Allen Street

发表时间 2018-01-08


Little Shy on Allen Street:
Chelin(大伟) - Guitar/Vocal
Gaetan(凯同) - Drums/Backing vocal
Tade(钧杰) - Guitar
Weixiang(维翔) - Bass/Backing vocal

keyboards & Synth / 蔡任博 a.k.a. Walrussound 海象之声

柯泯薰/ Backing Vocal

Song writing / Lyrics by Chelin Liu (大伟)
Arranged by Little Shy on Allen Street
Recording / Little Shy on Allen Street
All of main vocals recorded / 魏骏 in Air Studio No.5
All of acoustic drums recorded in ADM mustic studio
Mixing Engineer / 李维翔
Mastering / Dave Collins

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You go away
From where by you count Sailing through numbers
Your brain starts to grow
Before the black hole crash the light and it`s explored
You`re riding as fast as the wheel don’t roll
You then found the life is radical Oh oh
Time has swirled
Oh oh
Oh yes, you have known
From where you ignored
Your brain burbled, oh oh If that`s it, so it`s told
I guess it`s wrong
Time will heal
Time has swirled
Time has swirled oh oh

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