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Little Shy on Allen Street

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发表时间 2018-01-15


Little Shy on Allen Street:
Chelin(大伟) - Guitar/Vocal
Gaetan(凯同) - Drums/Backing vocal
Tade(钧杰) - Guitar
Weixiang(维翔) - Bass/Backing vocal

keyboards & Synth / 蔡任博 a.k.a. Walrussound 海象之声

Yici on Backing Vocal
Trumpet by 张家豪 a.k.a. 香蕉 from 玛莉咬凯利,放客兄弟
Saxophone by Joh Hom from 击沈女孩,Skaraoke
Noise guitar by Clock Chung a.k.a. 克拉克 from 橙草乐团
2nd drum by Ming-Hsiu Chen a.k.a. 喵 from BB弹
Concert bass drum by 周家瑞

Song writing / Lyrics by Chelin Liu (大伟)
Arranged by Little Shy on Allen Street
Recording / Little Shy on Allen Street
All of main vocals recorded / 魏骏 in Air Studio No.5
All of acoustic drums recorded in ADM music studio
Mixing Engineer / 李维翔
Mastering / Dave Collins

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Pain remains soul
When they pin you by the petals around you
Oh would you show yourself along
How long can you hold
A perfect morning to set the fire around you
Oh would you burn yourself along
I follow traces in the woods
A portrait of freedom flying ghost
I can see the shins in your eyes
A place no harm you

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