专辑 Daisy
分类 Blues
发布 2017 年 12 月 10 日






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Hey mama
Tell me what else can I say
Nobody show me where to go

Hey mama
When today is not the day
How long should I be waiting for?

Hey papa
Why do you have to go?
She was there begging you to stay

Lonely lonely lonely
To be born is to be free
When there is nothing to do

Lovely lovely lovely
I’d like to touch your face
When we are together

Holy holy holy
As the bible set me free
Heaven is the place I want to go

Oh Sally, Sally, Sally
We’ve met in the valley
Won’t you please go home with me

Honey, honey, honey
Your lips are sweet as honey
But I have no money to get you

Oh Daisy, Daisy, Daisy
When the sky was just as hazy
I thought we could have

But in the dream
That was all
But a scream

I’m on my way
To see my friend
And then to pray

Oh Sally how I love you
Oh Honey how I want you
Oh Daisy


〈Daisy〉系我一首我最常听嘅音乐嘅结晶,加上𠮶期翻听好多旧歌-J. J. Cale、Johnny Cash、Bob Dylan,系写歌同录音𠮶阵就好想将佢地全部捞埋一齐做濑尿牛丸。


混音方面,我再次揾左我嘅好朋友Jabin Law合作。封面呢,就几特别下,影相条友叫Benton Pittman,系我系instagram识嘅。」