Another Voyage
Another Voyage

Another Voyage

R&B / SoulThe 13th Heron

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Another Voyage

Another Voyage

罗妍婷 YenTing Lo
罗妍婷 YenTing Lo

发表时间 2020-12-10



I grew up on a boat
Everyday waken up by its horn
But boundaries are the shores
Thus we never set off nor we ever land
You may not agree but a land is just a bigger vessel
Yet ocean never block away the lands
Instead, it’s the only path to the world

So I’d say
Let the wave carry up and down
With or without you I’m sailing on
The storm will sweep us to the land of Oz

Set sail from the dawn
The wind summons us all
Heave away, feel the salt in your eyes
It’s time we go on another voyage

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